Why Talk About MONEY With Your Kids?

Raising kids is not an easy job. Beside the hustle of here and there, we also carry the responsibilities around our financial stability.

Why is the MONEY talk important?

Do we have to talk about MONEY?

Isn’t it the root of all evil? Or is it really that important in our society?

Well, the simple facts are that money is here to stay and it is a resource and tool that we all better know how to use, and it is in our best interest to teach our children how to manage it, earn it and respect it.

Money is important for kids because it plays a significant role in their lives now and in the future. So, yes, it may be a ‘cliché’ topic.  But get over it and make money a real topic that your kids need to learn about so you can help them have a healthy behavior and mindset around money.

Here are some reasons why:

Financial security is a priority.

Money can provide a sense of security and stability, which is especially important for children.

Financial Independence

Having financial skills and knowledge can help kids become more self-sufficient, independent, and less stressed.

Power or Ability to make choices or decision in their life.

Money gives kids the ability to make choices about how they want to live their lives, such as what activities they want to participate in and what items they want to purchase. Lead them to be financially free and they will become financially independent as they grow older.

Bright Future

Learning about money at an early age can help kids prepare for their financial future, such as saving for college or a first home. A bright future is waiting if they know the power of money as a tool.

Good Financial Habits & Behavior are no Accident

Good financial habits, such as saving and budgeting, can be formed at a young age and carried into adulthood.

Understanding the value

Money can help kids understand the value of things, such as the cost of goods and services, and the importance of making informed purchasing decisions.

Minimal to NO to Debt

By learning about money early on, kids can avoid the dangers of credit card debt and learn to use credit responsibly.


Overall, teaching kids about money is an investment in their future financial success and well-being. Every parent wants their kids to be a success, in career, love, financially, with God, and life in general.