Ways For Your Youth to Make A Buck This Summer

Is your youth bored lying around the house, complaining about being bored – looking for something productive to do? Look no further! A summer job is near! Having a summer job will help engage your youths’ brains, show them a positive work ethic, the value of work and money, and most importantly how to start managing their own finances! Here’s some ways that your youth can make a buck this summer.

Ages 5 – 11 

This age range is especially important for the introduction of money and finances. From a young age children see a want – and have to have. This provides a perfect opportunity to start teaching your child about cash flow in a way that they can understand and benefit from.

  • Lemonade Stands
  • Yard Sales – Parting with old toys
  • Work around the house outside of daily chores
  • Doing small tasks for family members
  • Walking Dogs or pet sitting
  • Wash cars

Ages 12 – 14 

You have entered the phase of pre-teenship and independence. While also in the phase of independence, your youth is still too young to come up with all the funds that they may need. This causes a chance of perfect opportunity to teach your 12-14 year olds the importance of work ethic, and how money is earned and not just given at will.

  • Housekeeping
  • Baby sitting
  • Crafts and Local markets
  • Dog Walking
  • Lawn Care
  • Car washing

Ages 15 and up 

You have a teenager on your hands now – and more than likely they are ready to be independent in any way that they can. Help them be responsible and guide them into a strong work ethic, and strong skills in their personal finances. This will be the time where you start to step back – and they start to step forward in how they will manage their checks from working. Take this opportunity to teach and guide them in financial decision making.

    1. Tech support
    2. Tutoring
    3. Errands or Delivery Service
    4. Lifeguard
    5. Host/Hostess at a restaurant
    6. Grocery Store
    7. Retail
    8. Baby sitting
    9. Lawn Care
    10. Mechanic Help
    11. Yard work

Summer Conclusions

We hope that you enjoyed reading our blog on finances and youth during the summer months. We hope that this becomes a year of bonding for you and your youth. Here’s to creating a lifetime of knowledge and memories with your youth this summer!